Waistbeads by Moon, the WaistbeadWoman! 

I love this Sistar's works so much, only Goddess knows. Sometimes, epiphany and spiritual Revelation (or sometimes Gnosis) can be achieved at the acknowledgement of the smallest things. Some of the Old Women used to divine just regarding deeply the stains of the wood of one's dinner table. Some Mothers could predict the future just be eyeing the pile of dust collected after sweeping the family porch. Sometimes, visions can be seen and whispers of lessons can be heard from the Ancestors when wearing the simplest or most ornate set of waistbeads. As Moon reminds us women, "[Waistbeads] are a part of your racial memory..." She continues on to say, in a brief excerpt of the excellent article I hope is read in its entirety at her site: 

The oldest African jewelry ever discovered was recently found in 2004, in the Blombos cave on the southern tip of South Africa.  They are 40 mollusc shell beads that had been pierced and were  estimated  over 75 000 years old.  Women are seen wearing waistbeads on the walls of the pyramids in Egypt, but it’s hard to say when they were first introduced into our culture. However, it’s certain they have always played a large role in seduction and romance between the sexes. Even today.  The Nation, a newspaper of the Republic of  Malawi, recently discussed the merits of waistbeads among market woman, who opined that every young woman should have waistbeads to keep her husband aroused during foreplay.

 I have personally found waistbeads from her to be insanely uplifting and subtly Awakening. I find them, honestly, to be pure Magick. I have prayed over waistbeads and worn them and have literally seen the prayer manifest just like that simply due to the energy Moon puts into these beads and the frequencies of the sacred gemstones. Try your first set and I promise your relationship will go to new heights and turn your man into a whole new one! They have helped awaken so much sensuality in me on a subtle etheric level and have allowed me to be much more Present and Body Conscious at all times, consciously, and to get out of my head so much, rationalizing and Egotizing. 

Simply put, they make me feel like this. And they look, feel, and sound sexy. Sound? Well, you'll figure it out... ;)

In this picture, the beautiful Senegalese Baitho (West African lingerie "skirt")  and the GREEN set of waistbeads are by Soumahstore; the moonstone and calcite set is the one by Moon

I beckon all my guests, clients, and visitors, please stop by and browse the selection of Yoni Eggs offered by the beautiful Kindred Sister of Light  at JewelzOfComfort Etsy shoppe. Here is a blog entry I've written about my transformative experience with, and the gnosis gained by, using her Fluorite Yoni Egg. 

She lets you know all about her Mission and Gifts here:


I am a Spiritually led woman who is interested in sharing her joys, gifts and knowledge of sensual health for women. It is my heartfelt desire to reach my sisters (cross race and ethnicity) through a variety of mediums; from Yoni/Gemstone Eggs, to Herbal Blends, Body Products, Handmade Soaps and other items. The way of the Woman and the Womb is the very means of our edification, growth, and ability to live and live abundantly. Quite simply Woman Is Life. Honor the Female and the Feminine, honor the source of life, and wondrous transformations and journeys are yours to enjoy. Stay tuned for additions, specials, and even discounts. :) Some women say: "I am my sister's keeper" but I say, "I am my sister's liberator." Health and wellness come in many different forms and we Womenfolk are all different in our way, our needs and our desires. Take a walk with me toward your restoration, healing, and enjoyment of your Female Life.

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